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A brief about Masala House

Masala House is a fine dining Indian restaurant located at Tawar Mall Doha Qatar. This is an ideal place to all your north Indian food cravings and this place will take you to the typical places of North India. The experience starts from the entrance door which is well designed and talks about the history of Indian culture, picture of Taj Mahal allows you to think about Agra and it gives you an ultimate experience. 

What makes it special: The live kitchen is the focus point of the restaurant which gives you a feeling of dining in a virtual food palace. The doors which are hanging with wall talks about the rich and contemporary looks of the restaurant. Masala house is been designed with a balance of traditional and modern design co-exist. 

About the food: The vision of masala house is to provide the best north Indian food on global palate permanently and create a unique dining experience for our guests by always adopting and holding best industry standards for quality and quantity. To provide traditional Indian hospitality and great value for money propositions for our esteemed guests. 

Kitchen Master

a short note about our chef

Ansar Husen, an Indian chef who grew up in the city of Agra and who has the art of cooking in his blood. He started cooking early in life and develops his own recipes from a very young age. At the age of 18, he went to a culinary school and started working in a professional kitchen.

After working with many hotels and restaurants in different parts of India, he moved to Qatar in the year 2008. He has more than a decade of experience in Qatar where he was a part of many successful brands and moving on, he later met Mr. Mohammad, who had been to India many times to explore the real flavor of Indian cuisine and who himself was greatly influenced its taste . aroma and spices.

Chef Ansar & Mr. Mohammed came to an idea to create something unique for sophisticated dining experience and that’s how MASALA HOUSE RESTAURANT came into existence.

From Our Menu

Random Dishes

  • QR63

    Mutton Sheek Kebab

    (Tender rolls of succulent  lamb minced,mixedwith  ginger, cheese, Indian spices and cooked in tandoor)

  • QR25

    Pista Kulfi

    (Indian ice cream made of reduced mil flavored with pistachio and saffron)

  • QR90

    Jheenga -E- Taj

    (Jumbo prawns marinated in Indian spices, cashew, yoghurt, cooked in Tandoor)

  • QR25

    Kesar Rasmalai

    (soft cottage cheese dumpling cooked in saffron flavored milk)

  • QR43

    Palak Paneer

    (Cubes of cottage Cheese cooked in spinach gravy flavored with kasoori methi)

  • QR81

    Prawn Makhani

    (Prawns cooked in rich tomato gravy and cream)


from the kitchen