• QR25

    Assorted Samosa Selection

    (Assortment of samosa, potato, cheese and chicken)

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    Aloo Papadi Chaat

    (Famous Agra street food,  potato and papdi tossed with onion, tangy spices sweetend yoghurt and tamarind chutney)

  • QR23

    Vegetable Samosa

    (Savory pastry stuffed with mashed potatoes, green peas and dry fruits deep fried)

  • QR23

    Cheese Corn Samosa

    (Savory pastry stuffed with cheese and corn deep fried)

  • QR23

    Chicken Tikka Samosa

    (Savory pastry stuffed with tandoori chicken and seasoned with indian spices)

  • QR50

    Karare Mushroom

    (batter fried Button  mushroom seasoned with indian spices topped with cheese)

  • QR22

    Aloo Matter Cheese Tikki

    (Signature dish of Masala house potato  patties stuffed with cheese, green peas deep fried .served on bed of chickpeas)

  • QR60

    Crispy Jhinga

    (Batter Fried crunchy prawns served with garlic mayo sauce)


  • QR65

    Murgh Dum Biryani

    (All-time favorite, long grain basmati rice cooked with tender chicken in lucknowi style and flavored with spices)

  • QR81

    Gosht Dum Biryani

    (An Awadhi style lamb biriyani, cooked with yoghurt, lamb and mint cooked on dum style)

  • QR85

    Jhinga Biryani

    (Prawns marinated in yoghurt,spices and cooked with long grain basmati rice flavored with Saffron)

  • QR50

    Subz Biryani

    (Basmati Rice flavored with saffron  cooked with season vegetable)

  • QR22


    (Veg: Onion, Tomato, Cucumber)

  • QR22

    Biryani Raita

  • QR15

    Plain Yoghurt


  • QR9


    (leavened Bread preparation of refined flour  baked in clay oven)

  • QR12

    Butter Naan

    (leavened bread preparation of refined flour baked in tandoor brushed with butter)

  • QR11

    Garlic Naan

    (Leavened bread made of refined flour baked in tandoor flavored with garlic)

  • QR12

    Cheese Naan

    (Leavened bread made of refined flour baked in tandoor  topped with cheese)

  • QR14

    Cheese Garlic Naan

    (Leavened bread made of refined flour baked in tandoor  topped with cheese and garlic)

  • QR8


    (Bread made of whole wheat  baked in  Clay Pot)

  • QR12

    Laccha Paratha

    (Layered whole wheat bread  baked in clay oven)

  • QR12

    Paneer Kulcha

    (Kulcha stuffed with cottage cheese and onion)

  • QR10

    Aloo Kulcha

    (Bread stuffed with mashed poataoe and spices)


  • QR25

    Gulab Jamun

    (reduced milk dumpling deep fried and steeped in sugar syrup)

  • QR25

    Kesar Rasmalai

    (soft cottage cheese dumpling cooked in saffron flavored milk)

  • QR25

    Pista Kulfi

    (Indian ice cream made of reduced mil flavored with pistachio and saffron)

Dosa Station

  • QR20

    Sada Dosa

    (Plain thin dosa made of rice and lentil batter flavored with ghee)

  • QR25

    Masala Dosa

    (A thin indian pancake  roll made of rice and lentil batter stuffed with mashed spicy potatoes tempered with mustard seeds)

  • QR40

    Murgh Cheese Dosa

    (thin roll pancake made of rice and lentil batter stuffed with tandoori chicken cheese)

  • QR35

    Paneer Dosa

    (Cottage cheese mixed with Indian spices and mashed potatoes)

Main Course (Non-Veg)

  • QR56

    Murgh Makhani ( Butter Chicken)

    (Classic tandoori chicken cooked in makhni  gravy, and finished with cream)

  • QR61

    Chicken Tikka Masala

    (Tender pieces of  tandoor chicken cooked in onion, tomato, Indian spices)

  • QR61

    Murgh Do Pyaza

    (Boneless pieces of chicken cooked  in brown onion, tomato Indian  spices and finished  with fresh coriander)

  • QR61

    Mutton Rogan Josh

    (A Kashmiri gem, tender  lamb cooked slow in onion gravy)

  • QR70

    Bhunna Gosht

    (Aromatic lamb preparation, with onion,ginger and indian spices)

  • QR81

    Prawn Makhani

    (Prawns cooked in rich tomato gravy and cream)

  • QR75

    Prawn Masala

    (Prawns  sautéed in ghee, onion, ginger and Indian spices)

  • QR65

    Mahi Masala

    (A delicate fish preparation with onion, tomato, and Indian spices)

Main Course (Veg)

  • QR48

    Paneer Makhani

    (Soft  cottage cheese cubes cooked in rich tomato and butter gravy)

  • QR48

    Kadai Paneer

    (Cottage Cheese cooked with onion, tomato, bellpeper and  Indian species)

  • QR43

    Palak Paneer

    (Cubes of cottage Cheese cooked in spinach gravy flavored with kasoori methi)

  • QR40

    Subz Masala House

    (A mélange of exotic vegetable and bell peppers, tossed with ginger,garlic tomato, onion)

  • QR42

    Aloo Gobhi Adraki

    (A mélange of  boiled potato, steamed floret  of cauliflower  and cooked with onion, ginger and Indian spices)

  • QR43

    Bhindi Do Pyaza

    (Okra tossed with onion tomato and Indian aromatic spices)

  • QR23

    Dal Tadka

    (Yellow lentils tempered with, cumin seeds, garlic and fresh coriander)

  • QR38

    Chef Special Dal Makhani

    (A harmony of black lentils, tomatoes, ginger, garlic, simmered overnight on charcoal embers and finished with cream and butter)

Non-Veg Kebab's

  • QR61

    Tandoori Murgh Tikka

    (Boneless chicken marinated in yoghurt, Kashmiri chilly and Indian spices cooked in tandoor)

  • QR61

    Murgh Malai Tikka

    (Boneless creamy chicken kebab marinated with cream, cheese, spices and skewered on charcoal)

  • QR63

    Mutton Sheek Kebab

    (Tender rolls of succulent  lamb minced,mixedwith  ginger, cheese, Indian spices and cooked in tandoor)

  • QR63

    Tandoori Mutton Chaap

    (fresh Australian lamb chops marinated with yoghurt, Indian spices and chargrilled)

  • QR90

    Jheenga -E- Taj

    (Jumbo prawns marinated in Indian spices, cashew, yoghurt, cooked in Tandoor)

  • QR90

    Tandoori Jheenga

    (Jumbo prawns marinated in tandoori spices, skewered and cooked in tandoor)

  • QR85

    Machali Tikka

    (Tender cubes of fish marinated in Indian spices overnight and skewered in tandoor)

  • QR81

    Masala house Tandoori Platter

    (A selection  of Malai tikka, Murgh tikka, and gosht seekh kebab)

  • QR175

    Seafood Platter

    (Selection of Machli Tikka,  Afgani jhinga,, tandoori Jhinga and masala fried prawns)


  • QR28

    Jeera Pulao

    (Basmati rice tempered with royal cumin seeds)

  • QR28

    Peas Pulao

    (A authentic preparation of basmati rice with green peas)

  • QR28

    Subz Pulao

    (Basmati Rice cooked with season vegetable)


  • QR28

    Saffron Rice

    (Basmati Rice cooked with saffron)

  • QR28

    Biryani Rice

    (long grain basmati rice cooked in dum style flavored with spices)

  • QR16

    Steamed Rice

    (Basmati rice cooked to perfection)


  • QR20

    Tossed Green Salad

    (Cubes of tomato, cucmber, carrot  on bed of  Roca lettuce mixed with lemon  seasoning)

  • QR38

    Tandoori Murgh Salad

    (diced tandoori chicken  spiced with vegetables and seasoned with lemon)


  • QR91

    Chicken Tikka Sizzler

    (Juicy Tandoori Chicken cooked in rich tomato gravy flavored with butter and served on hot plate)

  • QR99

    Prawn Sizzler

    (Jumbo prawns  tossed in buttery makhni  gravy  and served on hot plate)


  • QR67

    Subz Khazana

    (A assortment of  Paneer Tik:ka,  tandoori aloo,  and Mushroom  garnished with Coriander)

  • QR25

    Dal Shorba

    (lentil broth with aromatic herbs and spices)

  • QR23

    Murgh Zaffrani Shorba

    (Creamy murgh stock flavored with herbs and spices)

Veg Kebab's

  • QR39


    (Scooped potatoes stuffed with dry fruits, minced vegetable mixed with chopped green chilli,, coriander, indian spices and cooked in earthen oven)

  • QR67

    Subz Khazana

    (A assortment of  Paneer Tik:ka,  tandoori aloo,  and Mushroom  garnished with Coriander)

  • QR50

    Tandoori Paneer Tikka

    (Cottage Cheese cubes marinated skewered and cooked in Earthen oven)